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07:59AM Libya Declares Force Majeure as Haftar Blocks Oil Exports
07:04AM Nokia October warning investigated by local FSA: newspaper report
07:00AM One $4 Trillion Corner of the Market Isn’t Afraid of the R Word
06:51AM Disney culls 'Fox' from 20th Century Fox in rebrand
06:00AM Coffee’s Meteoric Rise Collapses Along With Brazil Shortage Fear
05:42AM Libyan Oil Exports Interrupted, Output May Be Cut by Half
03:00AM Oil-Funded Spending Sprees Lose Their Magic in Norway Politics
02:55AM The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It
01:00AM Help! A Hurricane Destroyed Our House and We Can’t Afford That Vacation Anymore
Jan-17 Market Extra: Which markets are closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day (and which aren’t)?
Jan-17 Chinese Factories Hold Up Economic Growth Despite Broad Weakness
Jan-17 The Moneyist: ‘Perhaps a little pain would help.’ My ex-husband won’t leave our home and rents rooms on Airbnb — should I stop him?
Jan-17 The No. 1 job in America with ‘NO experience necessary’ pays $100,000 a year — and it’s not in Silicon Valley
Jan-17 The Moneyist: My husband wrote a secret will when our marriage was rocky, but we are in a happier place now — should I now write one too?
Jan-17 The ‘best job in America’ pays $105,000 — and you’ve probably never heard of it
Jan-17 The Moneyist: My stepmother and father gave me $16K, but after my dad died she said she needs it back — should I give it to her?
Jan-17 Andrew Yang sounds off on 'frothy' private market and 'overvalued' stocks
Jan-17 Here's what happened to the stock market on Friday
Jan-17 As stocks hit more and more records, there are signs traders may be getting way too euphoric
Jan-17 Bond Report: Long-dated government bond rates rise the most in more than a week on upbeat data, 20-year debt announcement
Jan-17 Netflix earnings, Trump speaks at Davos, IBM reports: 3 things to watch for on Tuesday
Jan-17 The Wall Street Journal: Spotify is in early talks to buy sports outlet the Ringer
Jan-17 McDermott Is Said to Prepare for Bankruptcy as Soon as Next Week
Jan-17 Trump's Fed pick Judy Shelton faces obstacles to confirmation
Jan-17 Rough Trade: We're selling more records than ever
Jan-17 Bayer could be close to Roundup settlement, mediator says
Jan-17 Please Stop Big Tech, Small Rivals Tell Lawmakers
Jan-17 Lawyers for Huawei CFO call Canada prosecutor's arguments 'circular'
Jan-17 $130 Steaks Prompt Some Saudis to Debate Costs of Prince’s Plans
Jan-17 Morgan Stanley CEO Gorman's total 2019 pay falls 7% to $27 million
Jan-17 With market at record highs, eyes on reports from chipmakers
Jan-17 Morgan Stanley Cuts CEO’s Pay to $27 Million Despite Record Year
Jan-17 Shares set fresh records, lifted by U.S. housing data
Jan-17 Wall Street hits new highs in strongest week since August
Jan-17 Best Buy Declines After Board Says It’s Probing CEO Allegations
Jan-17 Best Buy starts investigation into CEO's personal conduct
Jan-17 Planes, Trains, Autos Eclipse Miners in Fabric of Canada Market
Jan-17 Extreme Valuation Cases Wanted for a Red-Hot Rally in Equities
Jan-17 U.S. will look at sudden acceleration complaints involving 500,000 Tesla vehicles
Jan-17 Argentina’s Chubut Bonds Tumble as Province Seeks Debt Overhaul
Jan-17 David Tepper says he's still betting on this bull market: 'I love riding a horse that's running'
Jan-17 Victims' families slam report into 737 Max crashes
Jan-17 Wall Street sees Amazon rejoining the trillion-dollar club later this year
Jan-17 Treasury’s 20-Year Reboot Puts Other Maturity Sizes in Question
Jan-17 Fed Plans Shift From Writing Rules to Watching How Banks Behave
Jan-17 ‘That is Insane’: Muni Yields at the Lowest Since Elvis Was King
Jan-17 Netflix opens Paris office, plans new French-language series
Jan-17 Stocks making the biggest moves premarket: Twitter, Pinterest, Alibaba, Gap, CSX & more
Jan-17 Trade War Has Copper Prices Artificially Low, Chile Minister Says
Jan-17 Disney Drops Fox From 20th Century and Searchlight Studio Names
Jan-17 For a $27 Raffle Ticket, You Could Win Mexico’s Presidential Jet
Jan-17 Panicking About Your Kids’ Phones? New Research Says Don’t
Jan-17 U.S. Home Prices Rise the Most in 19 Months
Jan-17 Venezuela’s Cash Hoard Sinks Below $1 Billion as Sanctions Bite
Jan-17 Volatility-Targeting Funds Leverage Up at Fastest Since ‘18 Rout
Jan-17 Ghana Finance Sector Cleanup Cost Risks Surging to $3.5 Billion
Jan-17 Travelex boss breaks silence 17 days after cyber attack
Jan-17 Barclays Jobs Cull Includes Tax Trades Trio Led by Mannan
Jan-17 Tepper, Druckenmiller Say They’re ‘Riding’ Market Rally
Jan-17 U.S. Job Openings Decreased in November to Almost Two-Year Low
Jan-17 Avoiding Carsickness When the Cars Drive Themselves
Jan-17 Gap Analysts Say Scrapped Spinoff Is Just What Investors Wanted
Jan-17 This Is the Guy Who's Taking Away the Instagram Likes
Jan-17 Volatility in Currencies Worldwide Slumps to Lowest Level Ever
Jan-17 Iraq’s Power Output Declines as Gas Supplies from Iran Fall
Jan-17 Russian Billionaire Says Finnish Court Dodged Sanctions Issue
Jan-17 Builder Puts Past Plunge Behind It to Become Spain’s Best Stock
Jan-17 Lebanon Risks Near-Default Label From Fitch With Bond Swap
Jan-17 Euro Heads Toward a Make-or-Break Policy Week Versus Sterling
Jan-17 Ex-Millennium Trader Quadruples Hedge Fund Assets to $1 Billion
Jan-17 Canada’s Canola Planting Prospects Dim After China Trade Tussle
Jan-17 Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your Day
Jan-17 Private-Debt Market Offers Rare 12% Yields, But There’s a Catch
Jan-17 Volatility Strategists on 2020: ‘Markets Yet to Feel the Bern’
Jan-17 Banks That Shun Risky Borrowers Offer Rosy View of U.S. Consumer
Jan-17 Carlos Ghosn's lawyers hit back at Nissan fraud claims
Jan-17 Pound Falls After Weak U.K. Retail Boosts Prospect of Rate Cut
Jan-17 Stocks Soar as Traders’ Mood Brightens
Jan-17 Korea Bonds Whipsaw After BOK Has Traders Adrift on Rate Outlook
Jan-17 Delayed China Bond Rescue Spurs Questions About White Knight
Jan-17 It’s a Topsy-Turvy World. Can We Make Some Money From That?
Jan-17 Hong Kong Banks Haven’t Seen ‘Massive’ Capital Outflow Due to Protests, HKMA Says
Jan-17 China Opens Door to Riches From Bad Debt Cleanup With Trade Deal
Jan-17 Mukesh Ambani: Asia's richest man in $13bn ruling boost
Jan-17 Conveyor-Belt Sushi Chain Selling Bonds Shows Japan Debt Boom
Jan-17 China Energy Leaders Set for Shake-Up Amid Sector Revamp
Jan-17 Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your Day
Jan-17 A Common Charger for All Phones? The European Union Is on the Case
Jan-17 China's economic growth hits 30-year low
Jan-16 India Sensex Set for Weekly Gain as Risk Appetite Returns
08:11AM Schedule for Week of January 19, 2020
08:10AM Add Salvini's Return To The Growing List Of Europe's Problems
07:35AM Europe Leads The World In Environmental Protection
07:00AM The Prospects For A Sound-Money Revolt Against The Dollar And Euro
Jan-17 Escobar Exposes America's Existential Battle To Stop Eurasian Integration
Jan-17 All The World's Wealth In One Visualization
Jan-17 The Machines Have Us Trained For Obedience, Paul Craig Roberts
Jan-17 OK Boomer: Ex-Citi Banker Wins Ageism Case After Boss Calls Him "Old... Set In His Ways"
Jan-17 Could ISIS Take Control Over Iraq's Largest Oil Field?
Jan-17 Sig Sauer's Next Generation Machine Gun Receives Safety Certification With Special Forces
Jan-17 Now, Everyone Pays The Piper: The End Of China's Economic Miracle
Jan-17 Gazprom: Don't Take The Bull Case For Granted
Jan-17 Manufacturing Has Peaked This Economic Cycle
Jan-17 Mitra Adiperkasa: Mid-Teens Forward P/E Is Attractive Considering Long Growth Runway
Jan-17 Industrial Production Numbers Confirm Bias of Housing Report
Jan-17 Will CenturyLink Stock Rally More on $1.6 Billion IT Order?
Jan-17 Facebook Changed Its Mind on Monetizing WhatsApp
Jan-17 Can Peacock Help Comcast Offset Its Pay-TV Losses?
Jan-17 Lawler: Early Read on Existing Home Sales in December
Jan-17 Housing Starts Surge to a 13-Hear High Thanks to Massive Seasonal Adjustments
Jan-17 New Hampshire Tries Different Strategy to Legalize Marijuana
Jan-17 CAR on California December Housing: Sales up 7.4% YoY, Inventory down 26.5%, Lowest Inventory in "nearly seven years"
Jan-17 Q4 GDP Forecasts: 1.2% to 2.0%
Jan-17 Google Buys Pointy and AppSheet, Expands Footprint
Jan-17 How’s the Illinois Marijuana Market Shaping Up?
Jan-17 Green Growth Brands: Analysts’ Ratings and Target Price
Jan-17 West African Resources: Near-Term Producer That Could See A Re-Rating In 2020
Jan-17 Comments on December Housing Starts
Jan-17 Friday links: index fund debates
Jan-17 PayPal’s Honey Acquisition Exposes Tensions with Amazon
Jan-17 Must-Know: Is Canopy Growth Still a Buy?
Jan-17 Altisource - Stay Patient - Cycle Turn Not Imminent
Jan-17 Employment In 2020: A Downshift In Jobs Growth Will Prevent Interest Rates From Rising (Again)
Jan-17 BLS: Job Openings "Fell" to 6.8 Million in November
Jan-17 VBI Vaccines Claws Back With New Data
Jan-17 Podcast links: building better habits
Jan-17 Industrial Production Decreased in December
Jan-17 Behind The Idea: Ingredion - The Secret Ingredient For Performance
Jan-17 Housing Starts increased to 1.608 Million Annual Rate in December
Jan-17 Vail Resorts: Investors Are Ignoring Downside Risk
Jan-17 Is A Very Strong Market "Due For A Correction"?
Jan-17 The Asset Allocator: Elliott Asset Management's Love For Hated Investments (Podcast)
Jan-17 Jim Sloan Positions For 2020: A Pivot Toward Emerging Markets But Keep An Eye On The Dollar
Jan-17 OK Google OK Apple OK Banks OK Trump….
Jan-17 China Posts Slowest Growth in 29 Years But Still Overstated
Jan-16 Friday: Housing Starts, Industrial Production, Job Openings
Jan-16 GAO Finds Trump's Actions Illegal as Impeachment Trial Begins
Jan-16 A World Gone Mad
Jan-16 Hotels: Occupancy Rate Decreases Year-over-year
Jan-16 Cass Year-Over-Year Freight Index Sinks to a 12-Year Low
Jan-16 TikTok Downloads Confirm Facebook’s Fear
Jan-16 Retail Sales Mostly Solid But Department Stores Hit Again
Jan-16 Thursday links: vacant skyscrapers
Jan-16 Startup links: solving important problems
Jan-16 The Investor’s Fallacy
Jan-15 #NeverWarren Trends to Top Spot After Her Enormous Debate Fiasco
Jan-15 Fed's Beige Book Shows Modest Economic Expansion in Last 6 Weeks of 2019
Jan-15 Now What?
Jan-15 Small Caps Make Hay
Jan-15 Producer Price Inflation Weak and Below Expectations
Jan-15 Wednesday links: lies and half-truths
Jan-15 Personal finance links: neglecting your finances
Jan-15 A Fourth Dimension of Trading
Jan-15 Fintech On Fire…No Surprise To Us Here
Jan-15 DHUnplugged #489: Heel on Throat
Jan-14 Central Banker Comes Clean
Jan-14 Gold is Strong, the Mining Stocks Aren’t
Jan-14 Tuesday links: lower consequences
Jan-14 Research links: seeking truth in data
Jan-14 Pooping Secured!
Jan-13 Helicopter Money Is No Panacea
Jan-13 “Last Hurrah” for Central Bankers
Jan-13 Friday's losses reverse with Nasdaq acceleration kicking off
Jan-13 Monday links: a simple formula
Jan-13 Adviser links: growth metrics
Jan-13 Knowledge and Understanding in Trading
Jan-13 Momentum Monday…Too Easy?
Jan-12 Small Losses Friday Don't Stop Rallies
Jan-12 TDI Podcast: Buffing Up on Defined Outcomes (#644)
Jan-12 The State of The Venture Market
Jan-11 Some Market Stats That Made Me Go Hmmm…
Jan-10 Integrating Discretionary Trading Skills With Quantitative Strategies
Jan-10 My 409K is Lagging ….
Jan-09 Mark Twain – Dave Chappelle….I Like Making Memories
Jan-08 The Case Against Economists
Jan-08 S&P Bounds Along Support, Nasdaq Bounds Along Resistance
Jan-08 Fashology in China?
Jan-08 DHUnplugged #488: A Fresh Dose of Froth
Jan-07 A New Gold Standard: Orderly or Chaotic?
Jan-07 Rickards: Here’s Where Gold Will Be in 2026